A Legacy of Faith, Virtue, and Influence
Through academics, provide students with a Biblical worldview and the ability to impact their community.
We believe that children:
  • Need to learn about the Bible and God’s unconditional love through Jesus.
  • Require small group sizes and teacher-to-child ratios to feel safe and nurtured.
  • Have vulnerabilities, requiring continuous supervision and the implementation and enforcement of appropriate safety measures.
  • Need stability and familiarity including routines, classroom procedures, a predictable daily schedule and culturally sensitive learning materials.
  • Learn best when they are intrinsically motivated. (Activities are relevant and they are engaged and having fun.)
  • Need opportunities for solitude as well as cooperative play.
  • Need to be taught pro-social behavior through appropriate limits and positive discipline.


All Aboard Preschool is a part of the overall ministry of Cornerstone Community Church and Cornerstone Christian School. We exist as an outreach to the community to provide quality, Christ-centered early childhood education. All Aboard Preschool achieves this by partnering with families to foster Spiritual, Cognitive, Physical, Social and Emotional development in children within a safe and nurturing Christian environment.



Give your child the advantage
of a strong academic experience

Our curriculum targets nine domains of learning including Spiritual, Social-Emotional, Science, Mathematics, History-Social Science, Visual and Performing Arts, Physical, English/Language Arts & Health Education.



Christ Centered
Jesus Oriented
Holy Spirit Lead

We are Christ centered in every aspect of our organization which leads us to provide your child the right environment for early childhood education. Our preschool curriculum intertwines faith and real world teaching.



We Partner with You
to lead your child to success

We partner with you in order to provide your student the best possible education that is catered to their unique instructional goals. Our goal is to work with parents, caregivers and the community in order to foster the development of the child in all areas (Spiritual, Physical, Social, Emotional, and cognitive).



Our State-of-the-Art facilities
are designed to keep your children safe.

Our facilities have been made and designed with your child’s safety in mind. We know that leaving your child in a new place can be challenging for not just the student, but the parent as well. We encourage you to take a tour of our facilities in order to get a better feel of the early childhood environment we offer.


Sarah Brown


Teaching Staff

Shelby Brannen

Leann Coppola

Amy Corrigan

Teresa Dibenedetto

Jenny Ekstrom

Michele Hajek

Natalia Mendez

Giselle Palfalvai

Lindsay Reinders

Debra Siam

Troy Thomas

Vicky Valdes

Jenn Ward


Now accepting CalWORKS and GAIN funded participants

2 DAYS (TUE/THURS)8:00AM-12:00PM

$325 - $340/month


$420 - $460/month

5 DAYS (MON-FRI)8:00AM-12:00PM

$620 - $650/month


$385 - $405/month


$490 - $545/month

5 DAYS (MON-FRI)8:00AM-3:00PM

$670 - $720/month

*extended care options available